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 Core structure and secondary breakdown of an exploding wire in the current-pause regime

V. M. Romanova A. R. Mingaleev pk10开奖结果 A. E. Ter-Oganesyan T. A. Shelkovenko G. V. Ivanenkov S. A. Pikuz

[摘要]The results of experiments with rapidly exploding thin conductors in the current-pause regime are presented. Copper wires 25 μm in diameter and 12 mm in length serve as loads for a GVP pulsed generat...

 PDF全文Matter and Radiation at Extremes | 2019, 4(02):5085487

 pk10开奖结果Evolution of X-pinch loads for pulsed power generators with current from 50 to 5000 kA

pk10开奖结果T. A. Shelkovenko S. A. Pikuz I. N. Tilikin M. D. Mitchell S. N. Bland D. A. Hammer


 PDF全文Matter and Radiation at Extremes | 2018, 3(06):267

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