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 Large Rabi splitting obtained in Ag-WS2 strong-coupling heterostructure with optical microcavity at room temperature

Bowen Li Shuai Zu pk10开奖结果 Zhepeng Zhang Liheng Zheng Qiao Jiang Bowen Du Yang Luo Yongji Gong Yanfeng Zhang Feng Lin Bo Shen Xing Zhu Pulickel M. Ajayan Zheyu Fang

[摘要]Manipulation of light-matter interaction is critical in modern physics, especially in the strong coupling regime, where the generated half-light, half-matter bosonic quasiparticles as polaritons are i...

 PDF全文Opto-Electronic Advances | 2019, 2(05):190008

 Recent development of flat supercontinuum generation in specialty optical fibers

Huanhuan Liu Ye Yu Wei Song Qiao Jiang Fufei Pang


 PDF全文Opto-Electronic Advances | 2019, 2(02):180020

 VCSEL-pumped Nd:YAG laser with 95 W average power and user-selectable nanosecond pulses

Chao Wang Hui Wei pk10开奖结果Youen Jiang Jiangfeng Wang Zhi Qiao pk10开奖结果Jiangtao Guo Wei Fan and Xuechun Li


 PDF全文Chinese Optics Letters | 2016, 14(12):121402

 A new compensation method for temperature-dependent gain tilt in L-band EDFA by adjusting only inserted VOA

Qiaofeng Jiang Xiaoming Liu Qing Wang Yan Wang


 PDF全文Chinese Optics Letters | 2003, 1(08):451

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