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 Large Rabi splitting obtained in Ag-WS2 strong-coupling heterostructure with optical microcavity at room temperature

Bowen Li Shuai Zu Zhepeng Zhang Liheng Zheng Qiao Jiang Bowen Du Yang Luo Yongji Gong Yanfeng Zhang Feng Lin Bo Shen Xing Zhu Pulickel M. Ajayan Zheyu Fang

[摘要]Manipulation of light-matter interaction is critical in modern physics, especially in the strong coupling regime, where the generated half-light, half-matter bosonic quasiparticles as polaritons are i...

 PDF全文Opto-Electronic Advances | 2019, 2(05):190008

 Generation of few-cycle laser pulses by coherent synthesis based on a femtosecond Yb-doped fiber laser amplification system

Aichen Ge Bowen Liu Wei Chen Haochen Tian Youjian Song Lu Chai Minglie Hu


 PDF全文Chinese Optics Letters | 2019, 17(04):041403

 Hybrid femtosecond laser system based on a Yb:KGW regenerative amplifier for NP polarization

Dongyu Yan Bowen Liu Yuxi Chu Huanyu Song Lu Chai Minglie Hu Chingyue Wang


 PDF全文pk10开奖结果Chinese Optics Letters | 2019, 17(04):041404

 High pulse energy fiber/solid-slab hybrid picosecond pulse system for material processing on polycrystalline diamonds

Wei Chen Bowen Liu Youjian Song Lu Chai Qianjin Cui Qingjing Liu Chingyue Wang Minglie Hu


 PDF全文High Power Laser Science and Engineering | 2018, 6(02):e18

 Nonlinearity optimization of dissipative-soliton fiber laser for generation of pulses with 350 kW peak power

Han Chi Bowen Liu Youjian Song Minglie Hu Lu Chai Weidong Shen Xu Liu Chingyue Wang


 PDF全文High Power Laser Science and Engineering | 2018, 6(02):e27

 Investigation of photodamage by femtosecond laser to cells via gold nanorods

Yang Li Hao He Huanyu Song Bowen Liu Minglie Hu Chingyue Wang


 PDF全文pk10开奖结果Journal of Innovative Optical Health Sciences | 2017, 10(01):1650034

 High-repetition-rate femtosecond laser micromachining of poly(methyl methacrylate)

Yiming Luo Wei Jia Youjian Song Bowen Liu Minglie Hu Lu Chai Chingyue Wang


 PDF全文Chinese Optics Letters | 2015, 13(07):070003

 Compact and high-power broadband terahertz source based on femtosecond photonic crystal fiber amplifier

Feng Liu Xiaokun Hu Jiang Li Changlei Wang Yi Li Yanfeng Li Youjian Song Bowen Liu Minglie Hu Lu Chai Qirong Xing Chingyue Wang Weili Zhang


 PDF全文Chinese Optics Letters | 2011, 9(11):110005

 Influence on photonic crystal fiber dispersion of the size of air holes in different rings within the cladding

Yanfeng Li Bowen Liu Zihan Wang Minglie Hu Qingyue Wang


 PDF全文Chinese Optics Letters | 2004, 2(02):75

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